Vision & Mission

Today, Shelter is bringing hope to the poor of El Salvador by providing for some of their basic needs, building houses, and sharing the love of Jesus while on-mission.


Shelter Canada will be a catalyst that will create positive, sustainable change in the lives of people in ALL the poorest communities of El Salvador.


We will spread the gospel through the provision of a home for every El Salvadorian in need.

Core Values

Through the years of working in El Salvador, Shelter has developed some organizational core values. Some have these have been purposeful decisions and others have developed in response to experiences or necessity. Although this list is not exhaustive, we believe that it does include some of the important values that we hope to live by:


One of the common responses to poverty all over the world has been for affluent society to try to rescue, or to save those in financial poverty. We believe that the people of El Salvador have much to offer. Social and cultural resources, as well as skills are bountiful within the people and communities of this small country. So we come not as rescuers, but as people that desire to partner with Salvadorians. We are doing a disservice to El Salvador if we perpetuate the image that only the Canadians have something to offer in this relationship.


We believe that we are called to be good stewards of the resources that God has allowed us. Whether in terms of donations, or of time, or of relationships with the people we work with, we want to ensure that we are directing and using these things in the most responsible and efficient ways.


We don’t know everything. In fact at the end of the day, when we work in another country and culture, we often know or understand very little. We have always tried to be active learners in the things we do. This has often meant listening instead of talking. It has meant prayerfully considering within community before acting. There is not an end-point in our journey as learners, for we will continue to encounter new experiences, successes, and failures. We hope to use all of these things to make us healthier and more effective, and in turn allowing more ways for our vision and mission to flow correctly through what we do.


Our journey as Shelter has been filled with joyful celebrations as well as difficult experiences. But we have tried to continually be people that are committed. We are committed to the fact that Jesus Christ has good news for everybody, we are committed to a vision that is much bigger than all of us, we are committed to doing the things that we say we will do, and although difficult we try to remain committed to people, even when they hurt us.


In all that we do we use our hearts, not to the exclusion of our heads, but it is the love that Jesus Christ showed us first, that causes us to reach out to our neighbour, whether in another country or across the table. Shelter humbly tries to be CORE VALUES people of love and compassion in all of the things we do, and with all of the people involved.


The Bible verse written on Shelter’s logo is Micah 6:8. This verse speaks of justice, mercy, and humbly walking with our Heavenly Father. In a country where corruption abounds, and is often deeply engrained in the society, we hope to be an organization that treats other not only compassionately, but justly. One of the ways we do this is to be transparent in our processes and actions, transparent with our resources, and transparent in the fact that we are all imperfect beings trying to decipher God’s will for us.