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Canada and El Salvador

Salvadorians are some of the most hospitable, faith filled, kind hearted, & generous people you will meet. El Salvador is a tiny country in Central America, beautiful in landscape and culture.

It boasts towering volcanoes, and breathtaking beaches. The country has also been crippled by earthquakes, as well as a recent civil war and its after effects, leaving poverty and its struggles as a lingering burden on its people.

One third of the six million people live on about $1 a day, and many are forced to go without adequate food and shelter; the basic necessities of life.

Shelter seeks to provide solid, secure, safe homes for families in great need. Bringing hope that God has not forgotten about them and He wants to bless them.

Canadians are some of the wealthiest, gracious & peaceful people you will meet. Canada is an enormous country in North America, also beautiful in landscape and culture.It boasts years of prosperity and peace; and is full of natural beauty.

Many Canadians upon return from El Salvador realize they have lost their sense of contentment in the pursuit of the material and have lost track of what really matters in life.

Shelter seeks to provide safe, eye opening trips for Canadians to see the way the majority of the world lives. We seek to help Canadians realize what really matters in life and that contentment does not come from owning more “things”.

We seek to bring hope - that God does exist and He has not forgotten about them and He wants to bless them - not with money - but rather with love, joy, and real contentment.

Help Us build homesHelp Us Build Homes

Help UsHelp us Build Homes

We cannot build without your help. This year, hundreds of homes will be built through Shelter because of the generosity of many here in Canada.

Our aim is to minimize costs on administration, so as much donated money as possible is channelled towards housing materials. Most roles and duties within Shelter are filled by volunteers, including the director of Shelter.

Dozens of team leaders who pour in hundreds of hours each year to enable their team to go also volunteer their time. It is our promise to you that we will use each dollar donated to the highest possible percentage towards building hope and homes for the poor in El Salvador.

Please click to donate online, and note the team you wish the funds to be directed towards or print this form (PDF - 136KB) and send a cheque along with it to the address provided.

Forms and DocsHome Building Forms and Docs

Forms and documents for before, after and during house building trips can be found here.
Your application must be approved by a team leader.

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